Christian. Hip Hop. Culture

Christian. Hip Hop. Culture.

Music represents our uniqueness, our freedom, and helps define who we are. Good music is art, expression, and a form of worship. Good music is always personal. theBookkeeper247 understands the influence music has on our lives. So, on our website we have Christian content 4 the culture! Help us change the culture 4 God as we become the voice in Christian hip hop!

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Raging Moses releases "The Flourishing"

Raging Moses releases ‘The Flourishing’ and says “this EP really came out of a time in my life where I was getting closer to God

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Josiah Lowe - Catch

Josiah Lowe – Catch

Josiah Lowe Drops “Catch” Josiah Lowe, “Catch” is a Hip-Hop/R&B track written and performed at his wedding a month ago to his wife! Music Video

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