3 song Juice Pack (BRM, Xay Hill, Brodiedavinci) “Revenge”

3 song Juice Pack (BRM, Xay Hill, Brodiedavinci) “Revenge”

XAY HILL, BRODIEDAVINCI, BRM Drops 3 songs, part of a juice pk/EP called "REVENGE"

3 song Juice Pack (BRM, Xay Hill, Brodiedavinci) called “Revenge” … our ultimate Revenge was Jesus coming to die on the cross for our sins to SET US FREE!!

So on this July 4th, today, I celebrate being free!!!!!

Audio Preview - BRM, Xay Hill, Brodiedavince - "Revenge":



More About BRM:

BRM is a Rap artist who isn’t afraid to tell his story through his lyrics!

With catchy hooks, energetic flow, and bold lyrics – you hear emotion, feelings, testimony, and his life story. BRM has a very unique sound that is missing in all rap genres!

The music he puts out is relatable and you can tell his passion for music and people is real.

BRM Leaves his heart on the mic, lyrics in your face, and points to GOD all at the same time.


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