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theBookkeeper247: Changing the Culture 4 God Through Media:

More About Us: Welcome to theBookkeeper247, a Christian media publisher committed to producing exceptional material with a Christ-centered perspective.

Providing Positive and Inspirational Christian Media:

In today’s world, it is more essential than ever to have positive, inspirational, and Christ-centered media options available.

theBookkeeper247 recognizes that the music, television, and internet sectors often lack boundaries and can offer a detrimental and hostile environment for both believers and non-believers alike.

Sharing the Stories of Christian Artists and Content Producers:

At theBookkeeper247, we are dedicated to sharing the stories and messages of Christian rappers and other Christian artists and content producers.

Through our platform, which includes articles, podcasts, and videos, we have been spreading these ideas for the past ten years, creating a powerful community of Christians who collaborate to share the Gospel and change culture for God through media.

Expanding our Reach with Christian Visual Ebooks:

We are delighted to announce that, in addition to our emphasis on Christian rap, we will soon begin publishing Christian visual ebooks.

This expansion allows us to reach even more people with the message of hope and love found in Jesus Christ.

A Christian Multimedia Company:

theBookkeeper247 is a Christian multimedia company that produces diversified media products, including videos, music, news, publishing, education, and marketing services.

Our media content is primarily delivered through digital channels such as the Internet, mobile devices, and social media.

Our Mission: Changing the Culture 4 God Through Media:

At theBookkeeper247, our mission is focused on one important goal: Changing the Culture 4 God Through Media! We strive to make a positive change by filling the void we observed in the media landscape.

Many media outlets lack a focus on spreading The Good News, also known as The Gospel. We aim to utilize all channels of media, including broadcast, digital, and print, to fill that void.

Our Values and Strategies:

We accomplish our mission by being led by the Holy Spirit, fostering collaboration, leveraging technology, and employing analytics.

Our purpose-driven approach keeps our company relevant, fast, smart, and powerful.

A Relevant and Empowering Media Company

As Christians, we are unafraid to express our belief in Jesus Christ. We strive to create a media company that empowers believers and connects with unbelievers in a relevant way. In this digital era, we believe the best way to connect with people is through the web, mobile devices, and social networks.

Flagship Brands and More to Come:

Our two flagship brands, The Douglas Family ebook, and theBookkeeper247 Podcast Network exemplify our commitment to delivering impactful content.

Stay tuned for more exciting releases as we continue to expand our reach and impact.

Join theBookkeeper247 and Change the Culture 4 God:

theBookkeeper247 Media is a digital media company founded by two brothers and their team.

Our mission is to Change the Culture 4 God through media. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey. #cc4G #tBK47

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About Us @ theBookkeeper247
theBookkeeper247 Podcast Team

At theBookkeeper247, our mission is focused on one important goal: Changing the Culture 4 God Through Media! We strive to make a positive change by filling the void we observed in the media landscape.

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Daryl Kemp Is theBookkeeper247  LLC Co-CEO

Daryl Kemp


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Alvin Hall

Co-CEO | Chief Editor


Vee Kemp

Editor | Co-Podcaster

Eric Ealons

Eric Ealons


Eddie Richardson

Eddie Richardson




Audio | Engineer | Producer

William Stevenson

Dezzy Yates

Creative Consultant | CHH Artist



Creative Consultant | CHH Artist

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