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adamariz Drops Diverse and Inspirational Christmas Album “Feliz Christmas”

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adamariz Drops Diverse and Inspirational Christmas Album "Feliz Christmas"

Just in time for the holiday season, Christian hip-hop artist adamariz has released her latest album, “Feliz Christmas,” a vibrant and thought-provoking collection that redefines the Christmas music genre. Following the recent success of her single “WORTHY!,” this album is a celebration of the true spirit of Christmas, blending traditional themes with a fresh, contemporary sound.

Drawing inspiration from influential artists such as HEAVENONEARTH, Caleb Gordon, and 116, adamariz’s “Feliz Christmas” is a heartfelt exploration of what Christmas means to her. The album stands out with its unique mix of tracks, ranging from the soul-stirring Spanish song “NACIO,” celebrating the birth of Jesus, to the reflective and powerful “WORTHY!,” which focuses on the savior’s birth.

Comprising 10 diverse tracks, “Feliz Christmas” showcases adamariz’s versatility as an artist. The album kicks off with a strong introduction in Spanish, “EL INTRO,” setting the tone for a journey through different moods and messages. Listeners will enjoy revisiting previously released favorites like “ESTRELLA” and “NACIO,” before diving into new collaborations, including “TWAS (WHAT A NIGHT)” with Qew, a track that juxtaposes bad influences against the redemptive power of Jesus.

The album also features the poignant “Another Christmas Without You,” where Oza Music’s signature boom bap beat underlines adamariz’s message about the importance of prioritizing one’s relationship with God. The theme of devotion continues with “REASON 4 DA SEASON,” presented in three variations – the original, a remix, and a sped-up version – each adding a unique flavor to the album’s narrative.

The finale, “WORTHY!,” a worship rap song that has already captivated adamariz’s fanbase, encapsulates the album’s message: remembering the true reason for the season, the Christ in Christmas.

adamariz’s “Feliz Christmas” is more than a holiday album; it’s a journey through faith, reflection, and celebration. This release is poised to be a staple in the Christmas playlists of those seeking a deeper, more meaningful connection to the holiday.

“Feliz Christmas” is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Short Bio:

adamariz says, “I started writing after being told by my friends that the lyrics I would write were really good.”

“I also felt a great push from seeing my grandma write lyrics all the time and never release anything due to insecurities.”

“Nowadays, I feel God has told me to be a voice for the voiceless. In all of my songs I describe my own struggles and have been surprised by the amount of love
that has been shown back.”

“Overall I just want to give hope, inspire others, and bring to light the many challenges the youth face in this day and age.”



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