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adamariz - FE

adamariz – “FE”.

Introducing “FE” by adamariz in collaboration with Cardec, a captivating and powerful Spanish track born out of a combination of quarantine experiences, job loss, and unwavering faith in Christ.

Following her previous successes, adamariz returns with an extraordinary musical creation that ignites the senses.

In this inspiring song, she recounts numerous moments where she found herself on the verge of battling against overwhelming challenges.

The most significant test of her faith emerged after the quarantine period, when she unexpectedly lost her job.

Faced with uncertainty about the future of her music and income, adamariz experienced doubts about whether God would provide. Nevertheless, it was during this period that her hunger for musical knowledge and experimentation flourished.

In the summer of 2021, she embarked on a journey of writing more Spanish songs, marking the inception of her celebrated “Spanish Summers.”

Over time, adamariz has honed her artistic prowess, establishing fruitful collaborations with prominent figures in music production and featuring on notable tracks throughout the previous year.

With “FE,” she unveils a deeper layer of her personal narrative, revealing the triumphs she achieved by placing her trust in “el que me salvó” (the one who saved me).

This remarkable single serves as the inaugural release from Spanish Summer 2023, promising a forthcoming collection of songs that will undoubtedly captivate listeners.

Prepare to be moved by the heartfelt lyrics and mesmerizing melodies of “FE” as adamariz, alongside Cardec, invites audiences into her world of resilience, determination, and unwavering faith. Stay tuned for further announcements, as more songs from Spanish Summer 2023 are set to be unveiled, offering an immersive musical experience that transcends boundaries and resonates with the hearts of many.

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Short Bio:

adamariz says, “I started writing after being told by my friends that the lyrics I would write were really good.”

“I also felt a great push from seeing my grandma write lyrics all the time and never release anything due to insecurities.”

“Nowadays, I feel God has told me to be a voice for the voiceless. In all of my songs I describe my own struggles and have been surprised by the amount of love
that has been shown back.”

“Overall I just want to give hope, inspire others, and bring to light the many challenges the youth face in this day and age.”



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