adamariz – GREATER THINGS ft. Xay Hill

adamariz - GREATER THINGS ft. Xay Hill

adamariz - GREATER THINGS ft. Xay Hill

adamariz – “GREATER THINGS” ft. Xay Hill.

“Introducing ‘Greater Things’: The Powerhouse Collaboration between adamariz and Xay Hill”

Born from the crucible of life’s myriad distractions, adamariz joins forces with Xay Hill to unveil “Greater Things,” a potent anthem of purpose and vision. This sonic masterpiece is not just a melodic arrangement—it’s a declaration.

Fueled by personal experiences of overcoming distractions and obstacles, adamariz confronts the challenges thrown her way with a poise that stands as a testament to her resilience. The first verse unfolds like a mural, painting a vivid picture of her journey through the chaos, only to conclude on a poignant note: “I’m too busy, nah. I’m just focusing on greater things.” Here, adamariz isn’t merely declining invitations from her past; she’s choosing a future steeped in purpose and music.

The hook of the song is as memorable as it is concise, designed to etch itself into the listener’s consciousness. And when Xay Hill steps onto the lyrical stage for the second verse, he does so with a vigor that complements and amplifies the song’s core message.

“Greater Things” is not just a tune to hum along with. It’s a call to rise above the petty negativity saturating our news feeds and social channels. It’s a reminder that greater things await—should one choose to focus on them.

Born in January 2022 but timeless in its message, “Greater Things” is more than a song. It’s a call to action, a sonic blueprint for a life less ordinary.

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Short Bio:

adamariz says, “I started writing after being told by my friends that the lyrics I would write were really good.”

“I also felt a great push from seeing my grandma write lyrics all the time and never release anything due to insecurities.”

“Nowadays, I feel God has told me to be a voice for the voiceless. In all of my songs I describe my own struggles and have been surprised by the amount of love
that has been shown back.”

“Overall I just want to give hope, inspire others, and bring to light the many challenges the youth face in this day and age.”



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