adamariz - LEVANTARA

adamariz - LEVANTARA

adamariz – LEVANTARA

After a month-long hiatus, adamariz is back with her latest single “LEVANTARA” featuring CallemJJ and produced by Jxrge. The uplifting track is inspired by a beloved song that adamariz’s late grandmother used to sing called “El Me Levantara” by Grupo Inspiracion. Growing up, adamariz heard this song often and it became a symbol of her grandma’s unwavering faith and resilience.

While adamariz’s grandmother remains unnamed in “LEVANTARA,” her influence shines through in the song’s optimistic message about overcoming adversity. The chorus repeats the phrase “El me levantara” (“He will lift me up”), a nod to both her grandma’s favorite song and a reminder that you are never alone, even in the darkest of times.

adamariz’s smooth vocals pair perfectly with CallemJJ’s sweet melodic hooks on the chorus. Together, their voices create a soothing, almost lullaby-like quality. Though the lyrics are primarily in Spanish, the feeling behind them is universal.

“LEVANTARA” is sure to uplift listeners, regardless of language.

After the grief of losing her grandmother, adamariz has gifted us with a beautiful message of faith and perseverance. “LEVANTARA” is a vibey, inspiring tune that will give hope to anyone struggling to cope with loss or hard times. It reminds us to keep reaching out and trusting that God’s goodness will see us through.


Short Bio:

adamariz says, “I started writing after being told by my friends that the lyrics I would write were really good.”

“I also felt a great push from seeing my grandma write lyrics all the time and never release anything due to insecurities.”

“Nowadays, I feel God has told me to be a voice for the voiceless. In all of my songs I describe my own struggles and have been surprised by the amount of love
that has been shown back.”

“Overall I just want to give hope, inspire others, and bring to light the many challenges the youth face in this day and age.”



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adamariz – LEVANTARA