adamariz - Not Sorry

adamariz - Not Sorry

adamariz drops “Not Sorry”!

In collaboration with producer 1995, adamariz unveils her latest anthem, “NOT SORRY.”

The cover art, a nod to Toy Story, serves as a visual metaphor for her spiritual journey.

The opening line, “There was a snake in my boot,” isn’t just a playful homage to Woody’s famous catchphrase; it’s a searing indictment of a past relationship that betrayed her trust.

The song’s lyrics are predominantly in English, but two lines in Spanish serve as the emotional crux. “El amor que no sentí, lo encontré en El que me dio paz y la habilidad de ser feliz” — the love she never felt, she found in the divine, the source of her newfound peace and happiness.

Adamariz’s revelation is clear: the key to defeating the devil lies in forging a connection with God and surrounding oneself with uplifting souls, not those who drain your spirit. This epiphany, rooted in the truths she discovered in the Bible, rekindled her hope and fortified her faith.

The song culminates in a bold message to the devil: she’s “not sorry” for choosing a path of righteousness. It’s a resonant anthem for anyone who’s ever felt the need to assert their spiritual independence. With its infectious instrumental and raw, compelling lyrics, “NOT SORRY” sets the stage for adamariz’s next single, “MINDSET,” slated for release on September 20. Produced by 1995, it promises to be another soul-stirring composition that challenges and captivates.

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Short Bio:

adamariz says, “I started writing after being told by my friends that the lyrics I would write were really good.”

“I also felt a great push from seeing my grandma write lyrics all the time and never release anything due to insecurities.”

“Nowadays, I feel God has told me to be a voice for the voiceless. In all of my songs I describe my own struggles and have been surprised by the amount of love
that has been shown back.”

“Overall I just want to give hope, inspire others, and bring to light the many challenges the youth face in this day and age.”



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