Andre David aka Brotha Dre – Itching Ears

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"Itching Ears" is the first single released under the name Andre David following a decade long run as Brotha Dre.

In this season, the Lord is doing a new thing!

Andre David let’s loose on the wavy Progression Music production with fire flows as well as smooth vocals.

Andre comes against the lack of spiritual discipline in this world and the propensity of people spreading false doctrines. “I see the truth and it’s becoming clear. They only tell ’em what they wanna hear,” he raps.

2nd Timothy 4:3 sets the tone for this message. Now is not the time to drift away from God! Pay attention.

Audio - Andre David - "Itching Ears":

About Andre David

From an X-Pill Poppa, cup filled with vodka to Jesus All Day! The transformation of Brotha Dre from a villain into a renowned gospel rap artist is shocking to say the least.

Once known for hitting licks and investing in bricks, he now preaches the Word of God relentlessly through hip hop music.

Never one to ride waves, Brotha Dre has been a trendsetter his entire life.

Born in Detroit, he moved to Dallas as a teenager, but he returned to Motown as an adult.

Dre has a keen sense of style and a charming swag that is one of a kind!

Brotha Dre’s groundbreaking debut album Just the Beginning set the city ablaze in 2010 with hits like Leanin’. He returned soon after with the classic album The Second Coming featuring Jesus Clap and Come Home.

The success of this album led to Dre being featured on NBA TV as well as A string of phenomenal releases ensued including 2016’s I’m Brotha Dre: The Mixtape and 2017’s Trinity.

Brotha Dre is a veteran in the CHH game who’s shared the stage with artists such as Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Da’ T.R.U.T.H. and so many more. His commanding stage presence is second to none. The live ministry of Brotha Dre is a must see!

Dre continues to let his light shine in his community. He’s a dedicated husband and father of 4 sons. He’s also a highly sought-after music engineer who records, mixes and masters his own music as well as many others. 



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