Andre Right - Real Love

Andre Right - Real Love

Andre Right – “Real Love”.

“There was a time in my life when i felt like I had no purpose. I was depressed, felt alone & wanted to give up. But God’s love impaled my heart… His Real Love.

It is now my duty to share God’s love with others that may be struggling, so they too can be healed.” A.R.


Andre Right is the owner of Blessed Life Music and a Hip Hop & RnB artist with a goal to authentically shine light through music and clothing! Known as the “Turn Up Kid”, Andre Right is an artist, songwriter, and dynamic performer that is here to inspire.

Since he began, Andre Right has been uniquely blazing his own path, expanding his influence, and walking towards his calling for Christian Rap & RnB.

Drawing from his personal experiences & various obstacles throughout his life, Andre’s life story allows him to connect with others fighting for peace, greatness, and a relationship with God.



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