SONSHINE feat. HARMONY | Annaly Mawire | Single

Annaly Mawire Drops "SONSHINE feat. Harmony!

American singer-songwriter Annaly Mawire’s new single, SONSHINE, is the fun loving, brightly vibing, worship song that will keep you jamming poolside all summer.

Produced by the Creatives Factory, SONSHINE is carefree and delightful, sonically adorned with funky rhythms and soulful melodies against a blistering lyrical backdrop.

Annaly’s refreshing vocals, for which she has become known for, blaze through the Son-kissed, dynamic soundscape that points perpetually towards Jesus.

Music Video - Annaly Mawire "SONSHINE" feat. HARMONY:


If when you hear Christian Music Artist, you imagine soft spoken, subdued, “don’t stir the pot” artist, think again.

Annaly Mawire is captivating, fearless, and prepared “to go there” spiritually and her music provides the listener more than just a unique sound.

When asked why she chooses worship, Annaly says, “My mission is to bring the presence of God.”

Annaly’s belief is that God moves where He is praised, and her music ministry creates the place where God can freely bring change and healing to a person’s life.

A worship leader at the age of 15, Annaly has continued in her calling and ministry. She has been featured on Voyage
Dallas Magazine, CanvasRebel Magazine & HopeJamz Radio Show, for her distinguished worship ministry.

Annaly Mawire has also been featured on worldwide music platforms including Acoustic Energy in Ontario, Canada, Step FWD UK Christian Chart and Global Fire Revival in Singapore.



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