Baruch Testimony – When I Decided To Leave The Church

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Baruch - Testimony - When I Decided To Leave The Church

Baruch Testimony [Part 1 of 6].

Baruch Testimony [Part 1 of 6].

Baruch Speaks about How He Knew the God His Grandma Served but He Still Left the Church to Pursue Fortune & Fame.

More From Baruch:

Ep. 23: Baruch/Working With 1K Phew & Reach Records/Being Demon-Possessed/Mental Hospital/Spousal Support/Drug Addiction/Chosen Ep/Testimony/God’s Favor

Full Podcast:

Powered by, theBookkeeper247 launched their very own podcast focusing on upcoming Christian artists.

On this podcast, we Interview Artists we feel should be on everyone’s radar and discuss, not just music, but other topics throughout our culture.

theBookkeeper247 Podcast wanted to create a show to highlight the artist, as well as, find out more about the individuals and their music.

Episode “23” Details:

In the 23rd episode, Daryl Chops it up with Christian hip hop Artist, Baruch

They discuss his debut album “Chosen” into the Christian hip hop space, how his gift is making room and how God’s favor landed him a feature from 1k Phew.

Baruch also shares his powerful testimony from drugs to being demon-possessed and he gives great advice on accepting Jesus.

This interview is packed with information and much more. You definitely will want to tune in until the end.

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