BC - Say Grace

Fresh off the mic! Christian Hip-Hop artist BC releases her new song “Say Grace”., putting her own spin on a classic dinner table tradition.

This song helps teach kids a fun, more involved way of saying prayer. Now, this isn’t your grandmothers’ way of blessing food, this involves catchy lyrics and a dope beat, it’s grace with a twist.

“Say Grace” is more than a sing-a-long at the dinner table. With everything grabbing children’s attention these days, it’s a fight to help them stay on course. 

“Say Grace” was carefully and creatively designed to plant the seed of Jesus into as many children as possible. BC’s overall goal with her upcoming track is to remind kids to Say Grace and thank God for blessing them with their daily bread.

Audio - BC "Say Grace":

Short Bio:

From Waco, TX now living in Bryan, TX BC loves to create fun biblical music catering to the younger generation(s). She has a mission to teach and be used by God to spread his word through her music in such a way that you can’t help but stop and listen.

Using her own morals and favorite bible stories, BC shares her experiences and teaches Christian morals through rap songs.



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BC – Say Grace