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Be Extra by J22: Embracing Christian Hip Hop with Passion

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Be Extra by J22: Embracing Christian Hip Hop with Passion

Be Extra by J22: Embracing Christian Hip Hop with Passion!

The song “Be Extra” by J22 isn’t just music—it’s a movement.

At 14 years old, Justice, known by his stage name J22, uses his talent to validate and celebrate those who express their love for God with unabashed enthusiasm.

His family might tease him for being “extra,” but J22 proudly owns this label, turning it into a powerful message through his latest single.

“Be Extra” is for all the believers who refuse to dim their light.

With vibrant energy and a heart full of faith, J22 is on a mission to remind everyone that it’s more than okay to be passionate about your beliefs about Christ—it’s something to celebrate.

Be Extra: A Declaration of Unapologetic Faith

J22 wrote “Be Extra” for two main reasons. First, it’s a personal anthem reflecting his own personality.

Known for his lively and enthusiastic demeanor, J22 embraces the term “extra” as a badge of honor.

He acknowledges that his family never stops reminding him of how extra he is, and he leans into it with humor and pride. But beyond the personal, “Be Extra” serves a greater purpose.

Celebrating Passionate Believers

In a world that often pressures individuals to tone down their beliefs about Christ and blend in, J22’s “Be Extra” stands as a validation for all the people who seem “crazy” over their love of God.

The song encourages listeners to be bold and unashamed in their faith.

As J22 sings in his song “Salvation,” “I Got A God!” This powerful line encapsulates the essence of “Be Extra”—a refusal to hide one’s faith and an invitation to celebrate it loudly and proudly.

J22: A Young Voice in Christian Hip Hop

Justice, or J22, is no ordinary teenager. He began writing music at the age of 10, inspired by his father, who is also a singer and producer.

His journey into Christian hip hop is fueled by his admiration for artists like Not Klyde, KB, WHATUPRG, Lecrae, and Trip Lee.

Now, at just 14, J22 is carving out his own path in the music industry with a message that’s both personal and universal.

The Role of Family and Influences

With the support and guidance of his father, J22 released his first EP in 2023.

His family’s involvement in his musical journey has been pivotal, providing both inspiration and practical support.

J22’s sound is influenced by some of the biggest names in Christian hip hop, yet he brings his unique voice and perspective to the genre.

His music resonates with young listeners and beyond, offering a fresh take on faith and passion.

Why ‘Be Extra’ Matters

“Be Extra” isn’t just a song; it’s a call to action. In a society that often encourages conformity, J22’s message is refreshingly countercultural. He urges believers to embrace their faith fully and express it without hesitation.

This track is a reminder that being “extra” about your love for God is something to be proud of, not something to shy away from.

Wrapping Up

“Be Extra” by J22 is more than just a song—it’s an anthem for passionate believers everywhere. J22’s message is clear: don’t tone down your faith.

Embrace it, celebrate it, and be unapologetically extra about your love for God. So, turn up the volume and let “Be Extra” inspire you to live your faith out loud.

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