Behind the Mic episode 9 with Guest Prodigyl

theBookkeeper247 launched their very own podcast focusing on upcoming Christian artists in a show entitled “Behind the Mic.”

On episode 9, (Part 2) of Season 2, “Behind the Mic,” Daryl continues the conversation with upcoming Christian Hip Hop Artist, Prodigyl.

On this podcast, we Interview Artists that we feel should be on everyone’s radar and discuss, not just music, but other topics throughout our culture.

Episode 9 Details:

On the 9th episode of Season 2, “Behind the Mic,” Daryl continues his conversation with upcoming Christian, hip hop artist, Prodigyl.

They discuss the growth of Prodigyl between his first project to now, musically as well as spiritually. They discuss how to handle trolls, and, how platforms, such as ours can help indie artists succeed.

Also, find out how ON Beat Music from Rapzilla’s Critique Friday, inspired a duel project from Prodigyl and Zay Hill.

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