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theBookkeeper247 launched their very own podcast focusing on upcoming Christian artist in a show entitled “Behind the Mic.”

On episode 4, of “Behind the Mic,” Daryl sits down with upcoming Christian Hip Hop Group, Verbal Renaissance!

Join us on this episode of Behind the Mic as we sit down with the talented Christian hip hop group Verbal Renaissance!

We dive into the stories behind their latest album “Welcome to the VR,” their journey as artists, and how they navigate faith in the music industry. Hear directly from Justin Martyr, Aasha Marie, Regenerit, and Rashawna on the origin of their name, overcoming church hurt, finding identity in Christ, staying true to their message, reaching minority communities, and more.

This is an inspiring and insightful conversation you won’t want to miss. Discover the heart behind Verbal Renaissance’s music and mission.

Verbal Renaissance LLC (VR) is a Christian music record label based in Chicago, IL founded by visionary artist Justin Martyr Francis. VR aims to redefine Christian music by promoting diverse, high-quality art that transcends time, religion and region.

The label’s roster includes versatile artists Justin Martyr, Aasha Marie, Regenerit, and Rashawna who are set to bring words and lyrics back to the forefront of music through genres like hip-hop, gospel, reggae, and neo-soul. VR is dedicated to delivering inspirational experiences that surpass industry standards. As the label steps into the spotlight, collaborations with diverse artists and exploring new mediums gives a glimpse into their exciting future.

More About the Artists:

Justin Martyr is a remarkable Servant of Christ, Theologian, Preacher, Pastor, Musician, Artist, Producer, Husband and Father. His artistic journey includes 5 albums and an EP, performances across the globe, and co-founding his own Production Company and Record Label, Verbal Renaissance.

Aasha Marie is a dynamic singer, rapper, and poet from Chicago on a mission to bring spiritual transformation through her socially conscious music. Her latest album “While You Were Sleeping” has over 50K streams on Spotify and powerful music videos showcasing her talent. Regenerit is a Christian rapper born and raised in Chicago.

After accepting Christ, he began using his talent to point to the gospel instead of himself. He’s released EPs, albums, singles, and features, with music on Christian hip hop sites.

Regenerit seeks to release music that points listeners to Jesus. Stream their music on all platforms!

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Behind the Mic Podcast Ep. 4 with Guest Christian Rap Group Verbal Renaissance:

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