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Bir Witness Brings a Message of Hope for Gang Culture with His Second Album of 2024!

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By tBK247.com

Boston, MA – “As you once disobeyed God but now have received mercy through their disobedience, so they too have now disobeyed, resulting in mercy to you, so that they also may receive mercy. For God has imprisoned all in disobedience so that he may have mercy on all.” [Romans 11:30-32]

We all have had flaws that had to be overcome. There is not a man who has not fallen short when it comes to the standard that God has set. Even so, He uses our shortcomings to put his mercy on full display. Where we once were captives, He has made us free. He has exchanged our grief for Tears of Mercy.

“I’m spreading the gospel to members in gangs as an example of freedom from Gang Culture for all.” – Bir Witness

Bir Witness has exploded onto the Christian hip-hop scene in 2024!

Beginning with the January release of the album ‘Apple of God’s Eye,’ Bir Witness declared that the new year was set to be packed with not only new music but new purpose. As the calendar turns to the second month, the Boston emcee is following in step with his second project of 2024.

Tears of Mercy hits digital streaming platforms on February 1, 2024.

The 22-track album includes guest features from Quiet Storm and Rob Redeemed along with showcasing New England’s unique approach to the hip hop genre.

The focus of this project is sharing the past experiences that Bir Witness lived through while being enveloped in gang culture. An important element, though, is that it was not a life without hope. Instead of a dead end, he found a new life thanks to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Now, Bir Witness can share that same good news with individuals who are still held captive by the lies that the streets spread.

Packed with hard-hitting beats and brutally honest lyrics, Tears of Mercy is yet another dimension to one of the year’s fastest-rising CHH artists.

For those who enjoy an immersive listening experience, this album offers a full spectrum of sonic variety. Whether you are looking for gritty bars or melodic verses, you’ll find that and everything in between. Bir Witness is putting listeners on notice with his artistic abilities and a message that resounds throughout eternity.

Be sure to add “Retire Us” to your favorite big-energy playlist!

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Who Is Bir Witness?:

Album Details

  • Title: Tears of Mercy

  • Artist: Bir Witness

  • Release Date: February 1, 2024

  • Engineering: MixedByBirWitness

Track Listing

  1. Say Less

  2. This Place

  3. Saved Not Soft

  4. Fight the Good Fight

  5. Beginning of the End

  6. Code Red

  7. The Fix

  8. Twin Brother

  9. Talk That Talk

  10. Everything In a Lifetime

  11. New Creation

  12. Precious Blood

  13. Lost In That World

  14. Retire Us

  15. Terror Attack

  16. Grew Up Different

  17. Born to Fly

  18. Different Type of Time

  19. Something Gotta Give

  20. Start a War

  21. Choose That Path

  22. The Hesitators Outro

About Bir Witness:

A witness to Jesus Christ’s miracles. A survivor of severe bipolar schizophrenia since the age of 12 and gang culture since the age of 17. Bir Witness is a Christian artist who shares his testimony as an evangelist in his ministry which he is building with his wife. Boston-born, he currently resides in Lawrence, Massachusetts as a family man of God with two daughters and a granddaughter. Bir Witness was raised Muslim and was once a follower of a teacher in India. He has been obedient to God since the age of 22, finding the Father through the Son after being baptized by his minister-wife. He has a publishing deal with TBN for his memoir about his life’s journey.



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