Bir Witness Celebrates New Year’s Day by Dropping 14-Song Album

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Bir Witness Celebrates New Year's Day by Dropping 14-Song Album

Boston, MA – “He found him in a desolate land, in a barren, howling wilderness; he surrounded him, cared for him, and protected him as the pupil of his eye. He watches over his nest like an eagle and hovers over his young; he spreads his wings, catches him, and carries him on his feathers.” [Deuteronomy 32:10-11]

Jesus told us that there is no length he will not go to to rescue those that he loves. While He loves his flock, he will leave them to pursue the one who gets lost. Why? Because our place is with Him and those that he calls his. We are the Apple of God’s Eye.

“I feel like this is a classic CHH album” – Bir Witness

Boston’s Bir Witness is embarking on a groundbreaking year in 2024. It begins on January 1st with the 14-track Apple of God’s Eye project.

Bir Witness is putting Boston on the map within the genre of Christian Hip Hop. His life experiences provide the content for his records as he boldly proclaims the miraculous work that God has done in his life. From deliverance from mental health issues to surviving gang life, Bir Witness has been forged in the fire to give the Gospel to all who will listen.

Apple of God’s Eye is a hard-hitting project that puts Bir Witness’ unique voice on full display. The album is a blend of honest lyricism, attention-grabbing production, and classic hip-hop influence…all built around an urgency to share the message of Christ.

Bir Witness is set to release multiple albums throughout 2024. He is positioning himself to be a must-watch, breakout artist this year. Make sure to add the single “Dead or Alive” to your favorite playlist now!

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Audio Preview:

Album Details

  • Title: Apple of God’s Eye

  • Artist: Bir Witness

  • Release Date: January 1, 2024

  • Engineering: MixedByBirWitness

Track Listing

  1. When It Rains

  2. Deuteronomy 32:10

  3. Apple of God’s Eye

  4. Don’t Sell Your Soul

  5. Can’t Get Out

  6. Uncertain

  7. Dead or Alive

  8. Oneness

  9. Club Christ

  10. Funeral Home

  11. Blue Bike

  12. Eighty Eight

  13. Fresh Chucks

  14. After the Rain

About Bir Witness:

A witness to Jesus Christ’s miracles. A survivor of severe bipolar schizophrenia since the age of 12 and gang culture since the age of 17. Bir Witness is a Christian artist who shares his testimony as an evangelist in his ministry which he is building with his wife. Boston-born, he currently resides in Lawrence, Massachusetts as a family man of God with two daughters and a granddaughter. Bir Witness was raised Muslim and was once a follower of a teacher in India. He has been obedient to God since the age of 22, finding the Father through the Son after being baptized by his minister-wife. He has a publishing deal with TBN for his memoir about his life’s journey.



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