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Bir Witness’s ‘My Megaverse Is Christ’ – A Journey of Faith and Transformation | Escaping the Darkness

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By tBK247.com

June 28, 2024
Bir Witness’s ‘My Megaverse Is Christ’ – A Journey of Faith and Transformation | Escaping the Darkness

Behind the Mic Podcast Episode 6 with Guest Bir Witness #christianrap #tbk247

Bir Witness | Show Notes

Bir Witness’s memoir, “My Megaverse Is Christ,” chronicles a profound journey from the chaos of gang life to the serenity of spiritual grace.

The book, born from the heart of an artist who found his true calling in faith, offers a compelling narrative that not only inspires but also guides.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the key themes of Bir Witness’s story, exploring his transformation, the impact of his faith, and the lessons he shares for aspiring artists and believers alike.

Bir Witness’s Transformative Journey:

Bir Witness, originally from Boston, Massachusetts, didn’t have an easy start. His early life was marked by involvement in gang culture and struggles with mental health issues. However, a pivotal moment occurred when he joined a church and experienced the real presence of the Lord.

This spiritual awakening led him to reevaluate his life and priorities, ultimately inspiring him to write “My Megaverse Is Christ.”

Bir Witness recounts how a  staying at his church helped him break free from a life dictated by 14 different medications and a recent stay in a psychiatric ward.

It was here that he began to walk in truth and purity, finding clarity and wisdom in his newfound faith.

His wife, a minister who baptized him, played a crucial role in this transformation, supporting him through the toughest of times.

Finding Faith in the Midst of Darkness:

In his memoir, Bir Witness explains how the church’s support and the real presence of the Lord inspired him to write.

Initially, he wanted to warn artists, producers, and engineers about the deceptive aspects of the music business. However, as he grew in his faith, the focus of his writing shifted. He realized his true worth in Christ and wanted to share this revelation with others.

The Struggles and Triumphs in the Music Industry:

Bir Witness’s journey through the music industry is a significant part of his story. Initially, his focus was on the shady aspects of the business, dealing with deceitful producers and engineers who prioritized money over talent.

However, as he discovered his identity in Christ, his perspective shifted. He realized that true success lay not in material gains but in spiritual fulfillment and purity.

“My Megaverse Is Christ” is not just a memoir; it’s a guide for aspiring artists and musicians. Bir Witness offers valuable insights into navigating the music industry with integrity, emphasizing the importance of putting God first.

His book sheds light on the industry’s pitfalls while providing practical advice on everything from choosing the right producers to understanding one’s worth in Christ.

Guidance for Aspiring Artists and Musicians:

Bir Witness’s book serves as a manual for those navigating the music industry. He details his experiences and offers advice on how to maintain integrity and faith amidst industry pressures.

Aspiring artists can learn about the importance of knowing their worth in Christ, selecting the right collaborators, and staying true to their values.

He emphasizes that the music business should be seen as a “money business,” highlighting the importance of not being swayed by financial temptations.

Instead, Bir Witness encourages artists to focus on their spiritual journey and to use their talents to glorify God.

Impact and Recognition:

Bir Witness’s book has made a significant impact, especially among those in the gang culture. It has been recognized by major Christian networks like TBN, achieving top rankings on Amazon for new hip hop releases and music business books.

This recognition is a testament to the powerful message of his memoir and its ability to reach and transform lives.

In May, “My Megaverse Is Christ” was in the top 25 new hip hop releases on Amazon and continued to climb the charts in various categories.

The book’s success underscores its resonance with readers and its effectiveness in conveying a message of faith and redemption.

The Role of Family and Support:

Bir Witness highlights the importance of being on the same page with one’s spouse and the support he receives from his wife, who is also a musician.

Their partnership, rooted in faith, is a cornerstone of his journey. This unity and mutual support have been instrumental in his transformation and success.

“My wife is my everything on every level,” Bir Witness says. Their shared faith and mutual encouragement have been critical in overcoming challenges and achieving their goals.

The memoir underscores the significance of spousal support in maintaining faith and pursuing dreams.

The Identity and Divinity of Jesus:

In “My Megaverse Is Christ,” Bir Witness digs into the identity of Jesus as the Son of God and the significance of accepting Him as our Savior.

His personal journey from gang culture and mental health struggles to becoming a Christian hip-hop artist and author underscores the transformative power of Jesus’s love and salvation.

Bir Witness emphasizes the unique nature of Jesus’s birth and His divine identity. By sharing his journey of accepting Jesus, Bir Witness hopes to inspire others to embrace their faith and experience the profound changes that come with it.

Evangelism and Sharing the Love of Christ:

Bir Witness is passionate about evangelizing and sharing the love of Christ with others. His book serves as a tool for spreading the gospel, encouraging readers to focus on Jesus rather than worldly desires.

He emphasizes that true fulfillment comes from living for Christ and sharing His message with the world.

He believes that his experiences and testimony can lead others to salvation and a deeper relationship with Jesus. Bir Witness’s commitment to evangelism is evident in his dedication to using his talents and platform to glorify God and spread His love.


Bir Witness’s memoir, “My Megaverse Is Christ,” is a beacon of hope and transformation.

His journey from gang life to grace, supported by his faith, family, and church, offers invaluable lessons for aspiring artists and believers.

The book is a testament to the power of putting God first and finding true identity in Christ.

For those looking to navigate the challenges of the music industry or seeking inspiration in their faith journey, Bir Witness’s story is a must-read.

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