In his latest release, “TAKE”, B’KEM, a multi-award-winning recording artist, once again captivated his audience.

Listeners are invited into B’KEM’s personal experiences and artistic growth as he takes us on a spiritual and emotional journey.

During a difficult time, a prayer to God for intervention made the album “TAKE” even more special. B’KEM has also released eight episodes along with the album, giving insiders a look at the production process and perspective on “TAKE’s journey”.

Growing up in south central Los Angeles as the son of Nigerian parents, his life was never easy. While growing up, B’kem heard words like “you’re not good enough” and “music isn’t for you.”

Despite being advised to study law, medicine, or engineering, he was accepted and graduated from LA Recording School with a Sound Engineering Degree. In the years that followed, he never looked back.

It is through the Lord Jesus Christ that he has found anchoring through the test of time.

In the course of his career, his music evolved from secular to hip-hop, Afrobeat, and Christian rap.

His performances have been featured on multiple media outlets, includingV, Fox News, Jamaican Gleaner, Pulse Nigeria, Guide Radio, Sunny FM (Ghana), Voyage LA, Afroglobal T Dikoder TV Ghana, Rhythmic Rebellion, Maranatha Awards, 042 Express TV (Enugu, Nigeria) and FENIX360.

B’kem’s approach sets him apart from the hip-hop contemporaries as it’s in the approach he takes. Unlike most rappers, B’kem searches for truths to incorporate into his music.

This is opposed to dirty lyrics, violent behaviour, substance abuse, and naked women. Fearlessly transforming his messages into uplifting songs, the artist combines power and nuance.

In this world, there are two kinds of people: those who pull you down and those who pull you up, and B’kem is the latter.

Stay tuned for his journey.

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