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BRM – OooWeee (Official Music Video / Single)

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By tBK247.com

BRM Drops "OooWeee" (Official Music Video / Single) Right Off His Vacation!

“Let HIM go dot them (i’s) cross them (T’s) yeeee, GOD with the artwork, I am not here to just wreck these beats OOOWEEEEE!!

Seek him out and watch GOD MOVE!! OOOWEEEEEE!!! Prod. by Dreambigbeats

BRM says, “this track is a brand new single that will be part of my album to release late fall called “40” …

This was a fun track that talks about going to and letting GOD move on your behalf, and that we have a purpose, but must seek him to guide our steps! When we follow what he’s got, then its OOOOOOOOOWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEE, Watch him work!

Music Video - BRM - "OooWeee":

More About BRM:

BRM is a Rap artist who isn’t afraid to tell his story through his lyrics!

With catchy hooks, energetic flow, and bold lyrics – you hear emotion, feelings, testimony, and his life story. BRM has a very unique sound that is missing in all rap genres!

The music he puts out is relatable and you can tell his passion for music and people is real.

BRM Leaves his heart on the mic, lyrics in your face, and points to GOD all at the same time.



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