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Cedrick Walker – Let Me Show You – Music Video

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Cedrick Walker - Let Me Show You - Music Video

Cedric Walker, the remarkable talent signed with New J Records, is thrilled to announce the release of his latest music video, “Let Me Show You.”

This eagerly anticipated video  is already making waves in the music industry. “Let Me Show You” is a testament to Cedric’s unwavering commitment to crafting Christ-centered music and delivering inspirational messages.

Rooted in faith and the teachings of Christ, Cedric’s artistry shines brightly as he seamlessly combines faith-based messages with captivating music.

This release is not only a testament to Cedric’s incredible musical versatility but also a testament to his mission to spread messages of hope and faith. Be sure to check out “Let Me Show You” and witness the profound talent of Cedric Walker, available now.


Christ-Centered Lyrics: Cedric’s compositions are a source of inspiration, deeply resonating with the Christian faith and the teachings of Christ.

Musical Versatility: Cedric’s exceptional talent as both a rapper and preacher allows him to offer a distinct blend of faith-based messages and captivating music firmly rooted in the teachings of Christ.

Expanding Fan Base: Cedric is rapidly gaining recognition among a devoted and expanding Christian audience, all of whom connect with his Christ-centered message.

Potential Impact: Featuring Cedric’s music and message in Rapzilla has the potential to further spread Christ’s teachings and messages of hope to a broader audience.



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