Baruch Drops “By Myself”

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Baruch Drops "By Myself"

Baruch Drops "By Myself”!

The Bible tells us the Lord will go before us; He will never leave or forsake us (Deut 31;8). Yet, in the midst of life’s trials, it’s hard to see Him through the chaos, and we default to living by ourselves- for ourselves.

“By Myself,” the latest project from Baruch, is a journey of hardship and self-discovery redeemed through the power of Christ. A road Baruch knows only too well when he saw himself a secular artist performing and recording by his will alone- only to witness his efforts falter.

“Spirit lead” can be heard in the beginning and whispered throughout the track, a small detail that carries the most power- because it was only when the Holy Spirit was invited into the process that the Lord blessed Baruch’s ministry.

Looking back on the mountaintop of his career, the young emcee can see God’s handy work outlined in his life, each step leading him where he is now. His lyrics blaze a way for those behind him to look up to God while in the valleys of their life.

Victory comes from walking in the Lord’s purpose despite distractions and setbacks, the lion inside us praising God through it all.

A native of Rock Island, IL, Baruch discovered his passion for music, singing in the church. As he ventured into writing and recording his own songs, life took an unexpected turn, leaving him to navigate a challenging path. But in 2020, fueled by his newfound faith, he channeled his gifts into creating impactful music that shares his powerful journey of redemption.

The hard-hitting lines and undeniable rhyme patterns underscore the fire in his soul that spurs him to spread the Gospel through his music.

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