From Hardship to Salvation: Christian Rapper Justmic Shares the Rare Joy of Prison Ministry | tBK247 Podcast Ep. 36

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April 15, 2024
Discover the inspiring journey of Christian Rapper Justmic, who shares his transformation from hardship to leading a powerful prison ministry in this deep-dive episode 36 of “theBookkeeper 247” podcast. @JustMic216 #Christianrap #ChristianHipHop2024 #TransformationStory #faithjourney

theBookkeeper247 Podcast Episode 36 with Guest Justmic #christianrap #tbk247

Show Notes

Transformative Faith and Music: The Journey of Christian Rapper Justmic on theBookkeeper247 Podcast


In an enlightening episode of “The Bookkeeper247” podcast, host Daryl Kemp engages with Justmic, a Christian rapper whose life story epitomizes transformation through faith and music.

The discussion provides insight into Justmic’s background, his artistic journey, and his profound involvement in prison ministry, illustrating the redemptive power of faith and community engagement.

The Early Years and Musical Influence

Justmic’s upbringing was marked by both challenges and support. Raised primarily by his hardworking mother and a stepfather who introduced him to truck driving at a young age, Justmic was exposed to harsh realities early on.

His journey into music and ministry, however, paints a picture of redemption and hope. Influenced heavily by Christian hip-hop, Justmic discusses how the genre not only shaped his musical career but also deepened his faith, driving him to dive into the Bible and embrace his spiritual journey.

A New Calling: Prison Ministry

A significant focus of the podcast is Justmic’s dedication to prison ministry through the Kairos program.

He details his work in prisons, where he and other volunteers serve inmates by providing freshly baked cookies, better meals, and a listening ear over intensive four-day sessions.

These efforts are part of a larger mission to bring about spiritual renewal and hope among the incarcerated, many of whom are often forgotten by society.

The Impact of Service

The transformative effect of Justmic’s ministry work is palpable. He shares emotional stories of the inmates’ reactions to receiving personal letters and the simple act of being served a meal, highlighting the human need for dignity and recognition.

Justmic reflects on the personal growth and fulfillment he gains from serving, reinforcing the idea that true fulfillment comes from giving and connecting with others, especially those in dire circumstances.


Justmike’s story is a testament to the power of faith, music, and service to transform lives. His work extends beyond the microphone and into the heart of his community, where he strives to make a difference one soul at a time.

His narrative encourages us to look beyond our challenges and to find our own paths to service, using whatever platforms we have to spread hope and compassion.

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More About Jusmic

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, with roots in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Justmic has become a notable force in the Christian hip-hop scene. Known for his deep involvement in the Kairos prison ministry and his energetic musical style, Justmic continues to inspire and empower his listeners through a blend of dynamic beats and spiritually uplifting messages.

Musical Journey and Recent Work

Justmic’s path to music and faith is a story of transformation and divine calling. Though he did not grow up in a church environment, his encounter with God a few years ago redefined his life’s trajectory. Embracing his faith through the guidance of prayer, Justmic reconnected with his love for music, this time channeling his talents to serve a higher purpose.

Recent Releases

“Flexin” featuring Xay Hill This latest single “Flexin,” featuring Xay Hill, serves as a bold anthem of faith and strength. Designed to motivate and energize, the track combines heart-pounding beats with lyrics that reinforce the power of Christian values.

Justmic describes the song as perfect for starting the weekend or as a midday boost to reaffirm one’s faith and vigor.

“Big Steppin'” In “Big Steppin’,” Justmic issues a gritty hype call for believers to stand firm and bold in their faith.

With a message aimed at both seasoned and new believers, the song encourages all to showcase their faith fearlessly.

Justmic hopes the track provides the energy and boldness that reflect the completeness found in Christ.

“SONRISE”SONRISE” is a deeply personal track born from Justmic’s reflective prayer sessions and his search for answers within God’s word. The song celebrates the redemptive power of Christ’s resurrection, urging listeners to find their identity in Him rather than in worldly struggles or curses.

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