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Christian Rapper Trutha Drops New Single – What Happened

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Christian Rapper Trutha Drops New Single - What Happened

Christian Rapper Trutha Drops New Single - What Happened

After a year-long hiatus, Trutha returns with a powerful message in his latest single, What Happened. Produced by the talented Cyrus Sonata, this track marks a significant comeback for the Christian rapper, who has been silent since his last solo release from the album Broken Genius.

Let’s dive into what Trutha has been up to and the critical issues he addresses in his new music.

A Personal Update from Trutha

In What Happened, Trutha opens up about his personal journey over the past year.

The track isn’t just another single; it’s a narrative that reflects his experiences, challenges, and growth.

Trutha’s candid lyrics provide fans with a glimpse into his life, offering transparency and relatability.

Addressing the Hip-Hop Scene

Trutha doesn’t shy away from discussing the current state of hip-hop. Both the Christian and mainstream scenes have seen significant changes, and Trutha uses his platform to critique and reflect on these transformations.

From the rise of social media trends to the often misguided passions that permeate the industry, What Happened is a thought-provoking commentary on the culture surrounding modern hip-hop.

Misplaced Passions and Social Media Trends

One of the core themes of What Happened is the idea of misplaced passions. Trutha raps about how artists and fans alike often get caught up in superficial trends, losing sight of the true essence of music and its impact.

Social media, while a powerful tool, can sometimes lead to a loss of authenticity and purpose in the music industry. Trutha’s lyrics challenge listeners to reflect on what really matters in their creative pursuits and daily lives.

Collaboration with Cyrus Sonata

The collaboration between Trutha and Cyrus Sonata brings a fresh sound to What Happened.

Cyrus Sonata’s production provides a solid foundation for Trutha’s profound lyrics, blending modern beats with a reflective tone that complements the song’s themes perfectly.

This partnership highlights the synergy between artist and producer, resulting in a track that’s both engaging and meaningful.

The Bigger Picture

What Happened isn’t just about the here and now; it’s a reflection on the broader picture of culture and society.

Trutha encourages his audience to think critically about the world around them, urging them to question trends and seek deeper understanding. His music serves as a catalyst for conversations about authenticity, purpose, and the true impact of art.


Trutha’s return with What Happened is a testament to his growth as an artist and an individual.

Through this single, he offers a blend of personal insight and cultural critique, challenging listeners to reflect on their own lives and the world of hip-hop.

As Trutha continues to evolve, fans can expect more thought-provoking and impactful music in the future.

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Q: Who produced Trutha’s new single What Happened? A: What Happened was produced by Cyrus Sonata.

Q: When was Trutha’s last solo single released? A: Trutha’s last solo single was released over a year ago as part of his album Broken Genius.

Q: What are some themes addressed in What Happened? A: Trutha addresses themes such as misplaced passions, social media trends, and the current state of hip-hop.

Q: Where can I listen to Trutha’s new single? A: You can listen to What Happened on Songwhip.


About Trutha: 

I am a hip hop artist from the south side of Chicago, IL and I have been in the Christian Hip Hop scene since 2019. Music plays a huge role for me in drawing people closer to God and His truth. I am very passionate about using hip hop to evangelize. 

More About Trutha: Bradley Chatman is a hip-hop artist from the south side of Chicago, IL. He began rapping when he was 16 with high school friends, who rapped, sang, and produced.

Trutha continued to develop this gift, and at the peak of his secular music career pursuit, Jesus transformed his life and led him to make music under the CHH group Brothers of Saved Souls & Encouraging Sisters.

“Music is an area of ministry that plays an effective role in drawing people closer to God and His truth.

I am very passionate about using Hip-Hop to evangelize to young people, as that is my testimony.”



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