Colby Savage – Seeing The Evil Behind Drugs & Street Music

Colby Savage - Seeing The Evil Behind Drugs & Street Music

Colby Savage – Seeing The Evil Behind Drugs & Street Music/Finding Dad Dead/Nephew Murdered

Colby Savage Talks About Seeing The Evil Behind Drugs & Street Music Plus Finding His Dad Dead On Top Of His Nephew Being Murdered!

Colby Savage realized that the violence that surrounded him had something in common with the music he was making at the time.

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Episode 19 Details: Transition Of A Street Legend/Influence of Music/Death of Loved Ones/Colby Savage/Positive Parables, The PVO Album Vol. 2:

They discuss the death of his dad and nephew. How do people react to his music now after the changes in his life? His Testimony and his latest project entitled, “Positive Parables, The PVO Album Vol. 2.

Also in the 19th episode, Colby talks about working with Bryann T from Kingdom music and Colby gets emotional when Daryl reads a remembrance tribute post, Colby made about his grandmother.

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Colby Savage Bio:

Colby Savage has been keeping it True to the game by keeping Hip Hop close to it’s roots, because his music Represent The Streets, the disenfranchised, and the hopeless.

Colby has seen his fair share of Life’s Disappointments, and the dangerous pitfalls of the street-life which he speaks of in his music.

From having his parents give him to his Grandma at 2 weeks old, after years of being locked down his father died on his grandmother’s couch one week before his birthday, to his cousin being shot by the police right in front of him. Colby has a story about Survival, but also about Hope.

“I make soul music”, says Colby Savage.” I understand the power of words and music, so it comes from a very real place. I want to use my music as a vehicle to inspire and teach the youth. I represent the old roots of hip hop which is to uplift, inform and empower.

Recently Colby Savage decided to remove profanity from his rhymes and dedicate his creativity to making Kingdom music, he says the talent is God-given so its only right to do it in representation of the gift giver.

Colby’s new mission is to bring hope and spread the good news of the gospel through music.

In addition, Colby’s live performance is pure magic; you know without a doubt he is going to breathe New Life into the game. His energy at shows makes you feel as if you should have paid more at the door.

Colby Savage has opened up for several major artist but if you ask him he’d say its all a blessing, I’m just happy to rock the stage and spread the good news.

Colby Savage also has successful faith based brand called Positive Vibes Only which allows him to be active in the community using his clothing line as a way to promote positive thinking.

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Colby Savage – Seeing The Evil Behind Drugs & Street Music