D-Rock Releases New Single “Covered” – A Testament to Transformation and Faith

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D-Rock Releases New Single “Covered” – A Testament to Transformation and Faith!

D-Rock Releases New Single “Covered” – A Testament to Transformation and Faith!

Macomb, Illinois – October 27, 2023 – Renowned Christian HipHop artist, D-Rock, based in Macomb, Illinois, is set to release his latest single, “Covered” on all music platforms this Friday, October 27, 2023. The track promises to be an evocative narrative of redemption and change, capturing the transformative power of faith.

Originally from Palm Bay, Florida, D-Rock’s early life was filled with challenges, marked by gang involvement, substance misuse, and incarceration. Dubbed by some as destined for a life of criminality, D-Rock had once lost hope and vision for his future. However, a pivotal encounter in 2015 with Christ turned his life around, leading him to a path of service, family, and faith.

Today, D-Rock celebrates a loving 5-year marriage, the joy of parenthood, homeownership, and serving in youth ministry for over three years. “The Lord has blessed my family more than we could have ever imagined,” he shares.

Since embarking on his musical journey in 2018, D-Rock has used his talent to inspire those who, like him, once felt lost and purposeless. His music ministry has enabled him to travel extensively across the Midwest, touching lives in bars, clubs, rehab centers, and churches. “I feel like God has called me into the deep to reach those that others can’t,” D-Rock states.

His latest single, “Covered”, is a reflection of his past life on the streets and the divine intervention that reshaped his destiny. With powerful lines like “He pulled me out the trenches now I hit the block just like the runnin man!”, the track is both a celebration of his journey and a testament to the saving grace of Jesus.

Fans and listeners can anticipate a deep, personal connection with “Covered”, as D-Rock continues to share his testament of change, hope, and faith through the medium of music.


D-Rock Bio:

Derek Johnson a.k.a. D-Rock was born and raised in Palm Bay, Florida. Currently residing in Macomb, Illinois.

D-Rock came from a rocky past that involved gangs, drugs and street violence. Which led to him having an encounter with Jesus that would change his life forever.

D-Rock has been releasing music since mid 2019 with hits including Silver and Gold, You Don’t Know (feat. Jay Matthews, Let Go (feat. Josiah Williams & King Marino) and Back Down (feat. N!X.)

He is currently working with L.M.G. Ent. And plans to release more music this year under LMG (featuring artists such as Xay Hill, Red Tips, DJLC, MainMain and more).



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