D-Rock – Still Broke (feat. Temple Dior)

D-Rock - Still Broke (feat. Temple Dior)

D-Rock Drops "Still Broke" (feat. Temple Dior)

D-Rock says “I’ve witnessed the streets first hand and lost a lot of loved ones in the process.

The Lord pulled me up out of the streets, and gave me the opportunity to use my music to glorify Him and to tell the youth that there is a different way!

He gave me this light you know and imma shine on!”

Audio Preview - D-Rock - Still Broke (feat. Temple Dior):

D-Rock Bio:

Derek Johnson a.k.a. D-Rock was born and raised in Palm Bay, Florida. Currently residing in Macomb, Illinois.

D-Rock came from a rocky past that involved gangs, drugs and street violence. Which led to him having an encounter with Jesus that would change his life forever.

D-Rock has been releasing music since mid 2019 with hits including Silver and Gold, You Don’t Know (feat. Jay Matthews, Let Go (feat. Josiah Williams & King Marino) and Back Down (feat. N!X.)

He is currently working with L.M.G. Ent. And plans to release more music this year under LMG (featuring artists such as Xay Hill, Red Tips, DJLC, MainMain and more).



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D-Rock – Still Broke (feat. Temple Dior)