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Datin – Hell in the Hallway + Job Season

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By tBK247.com

God Over Money Christian hip-hop artist Datin, Finally Speaks On His Recent Divorce In "Hell In The Hallway" From Upcoming Album Also Titled "Hell In The Hallway" Set To Release 8/28/18!

Sometimes you just need the real. Although we are praying for Datin and hate to see him going through a divorce we appreciate him sharing and being so transparent in doing so. I personally went through a divorce years ago and the life longing effects are not just for the moment. So we will continue to pray for Datin and everyone around him that this may affect directly and indirectly.

This may not be surprising but this may be the best song and video I’ve ever seen from Datin. The realness and transparency of his pain are so impactful. With ongoing debates in lack of maturity and substance in Christian hip-hop, this is definitely what the body of Christ needs to hear. I just pray that the body of Christ prays for this brother as we should. With that being said this is a video for all people and I could see it helping anybody.

If the impeccable flow from Datin was not enough, Hell in the Hallway music video ends in a way I thought was epic. The way the credits were done gave the video a cinematic feel like I was sitting in the front row of a movie premiere.

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