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Dennis Tillman, Earl Hoodie , Aries Marquis – Jesus Made A Way

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Dennis Tillman, Earl Hoodie , Aries Marquis - Jesus Made A Way

Dennis Tillman, Earl Hoodie , Aries Marquis – “Jesus Made A Way”.

Dennis Tillman was born December 29th 1987. He is a 35 year old married man and his heart is always to do God’s will.

Dennis Tillman’s heart is always to help others build an intimate relationship with Christ.

Dennis Tillman says, “I am chosen by God and called by God to reach many lost souls in different places of life.”

”To be a blessing that God wants me to be and for Him to keep using me spiritually to reach people where they’re at.”

”Whether it may be youth, whether maybe the elderly, whether may be the ones that are struggling with drugs alcohol, no matter what it is God always uses me to help them.”

”To let them know that there is still hope no matter how many mistakes they made in there past. God uses me to let them know to learn from their mistakes, just like I have, just like I know that there’s still hope, just like it when I’ve been through the struggles and still going through struggles.”

“I know that God will never turn this back on us as believers and as children of God because He uses us and He loves us with the agape unconditional love. I really, really, truly love God.”

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