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Detroit’s Dynamic Duo: Choirboy Bell & Marqus Anthony Unleash ‘Bad Boys’

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Detroit's Dynamic Duo: Choirboy Bell & Marqus Anthony Unleash 'Bad Boys'

Detroit has just witnessed the birth of a groundbreaking Christian Rap masterpiece – ‘Bad Boys’ by Choirboy Bell and Marqus Anthony. This album isn’t just music; it’s a cultural phenomenon blending faith, rhythm, and raw talent. ‘Bad Boys’ is more than an album; it’s a declaration of transformation and triumph through faith.

A Fusion of Faith and Fiery Beats 🎵

Choirboy Bell and Marqus Anthony have outdone themselves, creating what can only be described as the Detroit Christian Rap album of the year. Each track in ‘Bad Boys’ resonates with cultural depth, powered by the iconic Detroit beats that thump and pulse with the city’s heartbeat.

Chemistry That Captivates 👬

The synergy between Choirboy Bell and Marqus Anthony is palpable. As they trade verses, their seamless rapport shines, delivering bars that are not just heard but felt.

Their lyrical dance pays tribute to the legendary Detroit Pistons, the 1989-90 back-to-back NBA Champions, weaving sports and music into a rich tapestry of local pride.

Belief, Dedication, Blessing, and Delivery ✝️

Diving deeper, ‘Bad Boys’ embodies powerful acronyms – Belief And Dedication (B.A.D.) and Blessed And Delivered. These aren’t just catchy phrases; they are testimonies to the life-altering power of faith. The album narrates their journey from past struggles to a life glorifying Jesus, a theme rarely explored with such authenticity in Detroit hip hop.

A Stellar Line-Up 🌟

The album features a constellation of talent including Kelo, EmanuelDaProphet, DreBeeze Da Godson, Nonameservant, Hebrew Jay, Deonte Hall, and Shantel Serina. Each artist brings their unique flair, creating a harmonious blend of voices and visions. The production, skillfully handled by Ira Dos, Sav, and SuperMario, elevates the album to celestial heights.

A New Path in Detroit Hip Hop 🛤️

Choirboy Bell and Marqus Anthony are not just artists; they are pioneers, carving a new path in Detroit hip hop. Their music doesn’t just entertain; it inspires, motivates, and uplifts, all while giving glory to God through their ingenious bars and rhythms.

Listen, Be Inspired, Spread the Word 📢

We invite you to immerse yourself in the soul-stirring journey of ‘Bad Boys’. Listen, let it resonate, and share the experience. Detroit, let’s celebrate our own – Choirboy Bell and Marqus Anthony have truly given us something exceptional.

Join the Movement

Support the mission and music of Choirboy Bell and Marqus Anthony. Follow their journey, share their message, and keep the faith alive through music. Remember, you’re not just listening to an album; you’re becoming part of a movement that’s bigger than us all.

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Short Bio:

Marqus Anthony is a Minister, Rapper, Writer and Actor from Detroit, Mi. He is also the founder and President of Blessed on Purpose LLC and the Chief of Sraff os The Edge Christian Light Club. His music garnered attention quickly, and debut singl, “Problems” appeared on The Edge Compilation CD. The hit singl “Take Off” was only his second release, yet it was featured on Holy Hip Vol. 20 diwstributed by Capitol Records. His highly anticipated debut album, “Walking by My Faith”, was released in Dec. 2016 and has since been heard by thousands in over 25 countries.

Marqus Anthony has also been blessed to be on The Edge Experience Nationwide Tour and has opened up for artists such as Da’T.R.U.T.H. and Derek Minor. He has been featured on many radios, television and online media outlets such as “Celebrate Live” on Total Christian Television, CHH Today, Trackstarz and many more.

Marqus Anthony testimony is powerful because he is a former scientist that did not believe in God. Miraculously, he opened his heart to Christ and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He renewed his mind and repented, forsaking a sim-filled life of drugs, sex, and alcohol to become a faithful servant at Rhema International Church under Bishop Eric Lloyd. He now lives to tell the world that atheists are yet being transformed by the power of The Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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