Disciple Tha Don - "Run Up"

Disciple Tha Don – “Run Up”

The latest song "Run Up" by Disciple Tha Don comes through like a mighty Russian wind!

The song “Run Up” was written in and inspired after Don was facing many challenges while also battling depression/ anxiety when he needed the inspiration to not give up and keep going.

So instead of giving up, he said Run Up; as he stepped out in faith and embraced the day to day battles. As a result, Don seen God show up in major ways.

Don was able to see God move in his life with blessings that were truly incalculable, in the ways of deliverance and restoration. Even though the song was written to encourage him through these very dark times, God did so much more than that.

It just reminds us that as long as we are still here God is never finished working in and through us.

Don stated that he hopes that this song is able to bless someone else just as much as it did him.

Audio - Disciple Tha Don - "Run Up":

Artist Bio:

Donnie Syrowik, or as he is also known as, Disciple Tha Don hails from outside of Detroit, Michigan. He is a Christian Hip-Hop Artist with The Blessings Are Real Music Group.

Donnie is currently pursuing a degree in business administration and while also developing a (501c3) Non-Profit called The Mobile Tabernacle.

With the mission of reaching the youth in surrounding communities through encouragement and inspiration, by way of workshops, music, sports/ health/ fitness in a Christ-centered environment to address the tough issues that our communities face today. Such as sex, addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD.

Some of Donnie’s achievements include becoming a United States Marine, overcoming addiction, and PTSD. But, his greatest achievement was coming to know Jesus Christ Christ and becoming baptized!



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