DJLC “Through The Rain” Releases 08.20.21

DJLC “Through The Rain” Releases 08.20.21

DJLC says “the song is an anthem for over-comers of adversity, who have dealt with pain, depression, anxiety, etc..

Sometimes it feels like a bomb about to go off in my head but Jesus is the only way I don’t loose myself and keep my heart under control.

More About DJLC:

Christopher Jordan Adams A.K.A “DJLC” (Love Christ) Born May 17, 2001, is an American Christian hip hop artist, producer, and vocal engineer from Delaware. He owns his own production company “LCProductions302” and is partnering with the collective group “LMG” (Like Minded Gang).

Throughout high school, Chris started off his career by DJing local events and eventually got to host his own radio show. After graduation, he realized his spirit wasn’t connected to God and rededicated his life and music career to Christ.

His work is dedicated to helping other artists grow as well as putting out music that glorifies Jesus. His vision is to put out music that sounds appealing to many but is designed to save all.



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DJLC “Through The Rain”