Dub3K Unveils Their Sophomore Album “Pyramid Scheme” – A Testament to Divine Plans Through Hip Hop

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Dub3K Unveils Their Sophomore Album "Pyramid Scheme" - A Testament to Divine Plans Through Hip Hop

Emerging from the vibrant landscape of hip hop with a divine message, Dub3K proudly announces the immediate release of their much-anticipated sophomore album, “Pyramid Scheme.” Available across all major streaming platforms, this album encapsulates the group’s unyielding faith and unparalleled lyrical prowess, set against the backdrop of classic Boom Bap beats.

About Dub3K: The Fusion of Three MCs into One Sovereign Sound

Dub3K, a dynamic trio formed from the unity of three distinct groups – Shoebox Proper of Shoebox, Fly of Chaos Theory, and G.Macbeth of Kin-Folk – represents a collective journey towards spiritual and musical enlightenment.

Dub3K stands for “We Three Kings,” symbolizing their allegiance to their ultimate sovereign, the King of Kings.

Through their music, they aspire to convey their life experiences, bound by faith and brotherhood, delivering messages that resonate with authenticity and depth.

Album Highlights: “Pyramid Scheme” – A Divine Blueprint

“Pyramid Scheme” is not just an album; it’s a revelation of God’s intricate design for life, articulated through the potent medium of hip hop. With its roots firmly planted in the fertile ground of Boom Bap CHH, the album offers a hefty dose of bar-heavy raps enriched with biblical narratives.

Each track is a piece of a larger mosaic, portraying the grandeur of divine plans and the personal journeys of its creators.

The Genesis of “Pyramid Scheme”: An Organic Confluence of Talent and Faith

The creation of “Pyramid Scheme” was a natural progression of Dub3K’s shared experiences and mutual support. The album reflects the group’s evolution from individual artists to a unified entity, where their personal and spiritual growth is interwoven with their creative process. It is a project born out of love, respect, and the unbreakable bond of brotherhood that transcends music.

Where to Experience the Vision: Stream “Pyramid Scheme” Now

“Pyramid Scheme” is now available for streaming on Spotify, with a distro link providing access to all outlets. Immerse yourself in the divine narrative of Dub3K and experience the power of their message through the universal language of music.

Connect with Dub3K: Join the Kingdom of Kings

Follow Dub3K on their spiritual and musical journey through their social media platforms:

Dub3K invites fans and followers to engage, share, and be part of their expanding community of faith, music, and life.

Closing Thoughts: An Invitation to Explore “Pyramid Scheme”

Dub3K extends an open invitation to listeners worldwide to delve into “Pyramid Scheme” and discover the profound layers of their latest work.

About Dub3K

Dub3K, ‘We Three Kings’, is a coalition of three MCs from diverse musical backgrounds, united by their faith and love for hip hop.

Their music is a fusion of traditional hip hop elements with a strong emphasis on lyrical depth and spiritual insight, aiming to inspire and uplift through the power of their collective voice.

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