Dylan Birks – Hymns For the Hood

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Dylan Birks - Hymns For the Hood

Dylan Birks – “Hymns For the Hood”.

“Hymns For The Hood” is essentially about bridging the gap between the Church & the world. Growing up in church, I grew up around and singing Church Hymns, and they were always beautiful songs of Praise & Worship to God,” says Dylan Birks.

“Some of them were to glorify, some to comfort, some to give thanks, and some to remind.”

“So the idea was to take old church hymns and the kids Gospel songs I heard growing up and expressing my journey of faith and life through them.”

“It’s an Urban Pop based mixtape that explores other genres while tackling life’s issues as a follower of Jesus.”

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More About Dylan Birks:

Coming from the small town of Merced, California, Dylan Birks is an upcoming Christian Urban Pop artist who has something to say and isn’t afraid to express it through his art.

As both an artist and performer, he hopes to shine the light of God in the fullness of the truth, even if those ways are unconventional.



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