Eddy Puyol “Trust God”

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Eddy Puyol "Trust God"

Eddy Puyol “Trust God”.

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – From the moment the beat drops with that chopped-and-screwed sample – you know it’s on!

For “Trust God,” the latest release from Eddy Puyol, the artist resurrects key parts of his “Walk With God” verse for a message he’s shared throughout a decade-plus music career.

Puyol truly believes the key to anyone’s faith walk is trust. (See also 2013’s “Father I Trust Ya” with Sara Delight.)

“Once you really believe God is who He says He is and will do what He says He’s going to do, that’s when everything begins to fall into place,” Puyol said.

“Trust God” features a lilting piano sample introduction to a menacing, slowed down drum pattern with matching, stutter-step raps. Those rhymes soon speed up and lead to a melodic, worshipful outro his longtime producing partner Chuck Hemann described as “a gang full of monks riding in a Cadillac.”

The track takes listeners on a journey and advises them of the most secure place to deposit a hopeful heart.

Look for the single and music video on your favorite digital service provider platforms and social media sites.

The “Trust God” audio single and music video (filmed by award-winning director Will Thomas after the “Bang Bang Baby” visual shoot) are now available online. Look for it on your favorite digital service provider platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, etc.) and social media sites.

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