Edify- No Regret (feat. Jay Violet & Quese) 

Edify- No Regret (feat. Jay Violet & Quese) 

Edify “No Regret” is about the self-awareness of missed opportunities being made right in the present. (feat. Jay Violet & Quese) 

We all have things from the past we regret not pursuing or accomplishing. But the good news is there’s no better time than now to right the wrongs that we didn’t get the chance to before.

Edify brings a reminiscent perspective through rap and is joined by Quese on the chorus who adds a modern hip hop feel.

Artist Jay Violet also features on the song and brings a lyrical prowess with a smooth delivery.


Edify is a music artist and producer originally from Plymouth Michigan. His early influences include artists like Eminem, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne. When he was 19 he started writing music for the first time. It began when a friend asked him to record a song in his basement on the West side of Detroit for a radio station intro. After making a few songs Edify decided to perform at open mic’s around the city and eventually was booked for shows locally entering into the Christian Hip Hop genre.(Full Bio)

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