Michigan based rapper Elohin (pronounced El-o-in) presents his latest album, Broken Narrative, independently released through his brand CF Entertainment (Change Factor Entertainment).

Broken Narrative is Elohin’s most personal album to date and addresses a wide variety of emotions and subject matter. The album is inspired by his many struggles and experiences which helps to express the dual meaning behind it’s title.

Broken Narrative features production from multiple producers including DJ Pain 1, Tone Jonez and DreamLife Beats just to name a few. Post production, mixing and mastering is handled by Stellar Award winning, Grammy Award nominated producer Spechouse who has worked with some of the biggest names in Christian Hip hop.

Album features and collaborations consist of vocalist Coko Buttafli, Reggie Williams and Amber Ramsey along with the conscious and life challenging lyricism that Elohin has become known for in the independent hip hop world.

Elohin paints a clear picture with his lyrics and beat selections while presenting a perspective that takes listeners into a more personal side of his life.

Broken Narrative Album Singles 
Momma Told Me
Words of Wisdom
DYB (Do You Believe)
Broken Narrative (Track Listing)
1. Misconception (Ft. Coko Buttafli)
2. Momma Told Me
3. Freedom
4. DYB
5. Come Too Far
6. I’m Sorry
7. Words of Wisdom
8. Movin’ On (Ft. Amber Ramsey)
9. I’m Trying (Ft. Reggie Williams)
10. Broken Narrative

Broken Narrative is Available on All Major Outlets:

Artist Name: Elohin (Pronounced El-o-in)
Album Title: Broken Narrative
Official Release Date: August 28th, 2020
Artist Features: Coko Buttafli, Reggie Williams, Amber Ramsey
Producers: Eldar-Q, Blasian Beats, Dreamlife Beats, Tone Jonez, DJ Pain 1, Legion Beats, Redhooknoodles, Telling Beatzz
Post Production/ Mixing & Mastering: Spec of Spechouse Media
Executive Producer: Lon “Elohin” Harris
Genre: Hip hop/ Rap/ Christian Hip hop
Location: Metro Detroit, Michigan
Record Label: Lon C. Harris/ CF Entertainment

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