Elohin Releases His New Anticipated Album EI3vate

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Elohin Releases His New Anticipated Album EI3vate

Elohin Releases His New Anticipated Album “EI3vate”.

About the album El3vate:
El3vate is an independent studio album from Detroit-based hip-hop artist Elohin (pronounced El-oh-in) that offers a mix of hard-hitting beats, cinematic production, and lyrical sharpness.

“El3vate” features a variety of artists such as Kidd Lee, Xay Hill, Kevi Morse, Bella Raee, Sam Heavens, and Jess Aleakatino with the central theme centered around overcoming adversity and rising to a new level in life and faith. Tracks such as “Ghetto Blues” and “Secrets” capture Elohin’s ability to craft a unique narrative from a personal and relatable perspective while “Mood” and “Dying For” display his ability to be lyrically creative and share life’s realities.

Production on the album was handled by DJ Pain 1, sadCG, Falak, Komo Beatz, Othellobeats, LT, Blasian, and Miraql3 fusing Hip Hop with a few elements of Trap, R&B Pop, and jazz. Every lyric, melody, and musical element creates an engaging and dynamic sonic landscape, making “El3vate” an ambitious and exciting listening experience.

The album is a testament to Elohin’s growth as an artist and craftsman, and his ability to offer something truly unique to Christian hip-hop and mainstream hip-hop alike.



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About Elohin

It’s rare to find an artist that is brave enough to discuss life, faith and social issues while at the same time appealing to a commercial, boom bap and faith based crowd.

These rare combinations come together perfectly in the musical genius of Detroit based rapper Elohin (pronounced El-o-in).



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