Emcee Mia  – Black Out Faith

Emcee Mia  - Black Out Faith

Emcee Mia  – Black Out Faith

Black Out Faith was originally recorded 3 years ago as a freestyle.

“This was during a time when I was really feeling the pressures of life and always would write or record songs to express what I was going through or what the Holy Spirit placed on my heart, says” Emcee Mia.

“In a world that seems to be becoming more and more dark and black, this was a reminder first to me to counter all the bad and BLACK OUT with FAITH.”

”For the believer it is impossible to please God without Faith. We know in this walk that Faith gets tested constantly.”

”Although short, I pray this song encourages all the believers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ to continue to press towards the mark and BLACK OUT IN FAITH.

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