Exploring Faith and Identity in Christian Hip Hop with GB – | tBK247 Podcast Ep. 37

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May 10, 2024
In the latest episode of theBookkeeper247 Podcast, Christian rapper GB delves into the layers of his identity, his faith journey, and his musical career. This discussion not only sheds light on his personal experiences but also offers insights into the broader Christian Hip Hop (CHH) #tBK247 #Podcast

theBookkeeper247 Podcast Episode 37 with Guest GB #christianrap #tbk247

Show Notes

Exploring Faith and Identity in Christian Hip Hop with GB – tBK247 Episode 37

In an engaging Episode 37 of theBookkeeper247 Podcast, GB, a Christian rapper from the DC, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) area, offers a profound glimpse into his life and the Christian Hip Hop (CHH) community.

This episode serves not just as an interview but as a reflective mirror on the impact of faith, identity, and cultural roots on music.

GB’s discussion is a rich and much needed conversations that weaves together personal anecdotes with broader societal observations, making it a must-listen for fans and thinkers alike.

Identity and Foundations

GB starts off by placing his identity in Christ above all else. Before he is Nigerian or Black, he is a child of God.

This isn’t just a statement of priority; it’s the cornerstone of his entire worldview. His spiritual foundation is what defines him more than nationality or race.

In a world that often prioritizes material or superficial identities, GB’s perspective is both refreshing and challenging. It pushes listeners to reconsider what truly forms the core of their identity.

Unity in Diversity

One of the most compelling aspects of GB’s dialogue is his discussion on unity and diversity.

He emphasizes the value of finding common ground despite diverse cultural backgrounds. To him, differences are not barriers but opportunities that enrich understanding and interaction.

This is particularly pertinent in the realm of CHH, where artists from varied backgrounds come together, united by faith but differentiated by their cultural and personal experiences.

Navigating Cultural Dualities

GB shares his unique challenges of straddling two cultures—Nigerian and American. The feeling of not being fully accepted by either side is a significant hurdle, yet GB sees this as a strength rather than a weakness.

He encourages young people facing similar issues to embrace their dual heritage, learning from both and forging a unique identity that respects both origins.

GB’s message is clear: understanding your roots can fortify your identity and enrich your contributions to any community.

The Role of Faith in Artistic Expression

Faith is not just a backdrop for GB’s music; it is its driving force. He discusses how his spiritual journey influences his artistic expression, helping him to navigate the often tricky waters of the music industry.

GB’s faith helps him maintain integrity, a crucial trait in business dealings within CHH. Moreover, his commitment to living out his faith off the mic enhances his credibility and the impact of his message.

Beyond the Label of “Christian Rapper”

GB also touches on the implications of being labeled a “Christian rapper.” While some might see this as limiting, GB views it as an opportunity to reach a broader audience.

He stresses the importance of being transparent about his intentions and the demographic he aims to reach.

This openness not only fosters trust but also encourages a more inclusive approach, allowing him to impact listeners beyond the traditional Christian community.

The Impact of Community and Collaboration

Being part of The Listening Session (TLS) community has significantly impacted GB. This platform provides support, accountability, and growth opportunities, reinforcing the value of community in artistic development.

Competition, when approached with humility and sportsmanship, acts as a catalyst for excellence and personal growth.

GB emphasizes that artists should always strive to remain grounded, regardless of their success.

Conclusion: The Journey and the Future

As GB reflects on his journey and looks towards future projects, his gratitude and enthusiasm for collaboration shine through.

His story is one of resilience, adaptability, and the relentless pursuit of giving hope through music.

GB’s narrative encourages others in the CHH space to remain authentic, stay humble, and keep pushing the boundaries of what their art can achieve.

This episode of theBookkeeper247 Podcast with GB is a testament to the power of faith and identity in shaping not just music but life choices and community interactions.

It’s a compelling reminder of the profound impact personal beliefs can have on artistic expression and the importance of embracing one’s whole self in the pursuit of fulfilling one’s purpose.

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More About GB:

GB has been a model of consistency as an emcee.

DMV-born-and-raised, GB is a highly-skilled lyricist and creative artist delivering relevant, relatable, and engaging content.

His artistry blends culture, heritage and faith with real-life experiences, inviting audiences into his life and journey.

GB’s music has been featured on blog sites such as Rapzilla and Trackstarz, as well as on the “New Music Friday Christian” editorial playlist on Spotify.



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