How the Pandemic Changed Justmic’s Life | Faith, Music, and Redemption | tBK247 Podcast Ep. 36 | Part 2

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April 26, 2024
The pandemic changed Justmic’s life by leading him on a journey of faith, music, and redemption. Learn how he found his way through challenging times with the help of his church community, music, and a deeper connection with God. -dive episode 36 of “theBookkeeper 247” podcast. @JustMic216 #Christianrap #ChristianHipHop2024 #TransformationStory #faithjourney

theBookkeeper247 Podcast Episode 36 with Guest Justmic #christianrap #tbk247

Show Notes

Faith, Music, and Redemption: Justmic’s Inspiring Testimony During the Pandemic


Justmic’s journey during the COVID-19 pandemic is a compelling story of faith, music, and redemption. As the world shut down and fear took hold, Justmic and his wife found themselves isolated and uncertain.

To cope, they turned to alcohol and marijuana, but the comfort was fleeting. This story explores how, in the midst of this crisis, they found their way to faith, ultimately changing the course of their lives.

Turning to Faith Amid the Pandemic

The pandemic created a sense of vulnerability for Justmic and his wife, leading them down a path of substance use to fill the void. They were scared, feeling like “we knew we were apart from God.”

However, this very fear sparked a curiosity about faith, pushing them to open the Bible for the first time. Even though they “started reading the Bible with a blunt in our hand,” it was the beginning of their spiritual transformation.

A Journey of Spiritual Awakening

Their exploration of the Bible led them to prayer, a turning point in their lives.

They discovered a YouTube channel that explained religious concepts and Bible stories, which deepened their understanding of faith. As they prayed, they started seeing their prayers being answered, feeling God’s presence more strongly.

The transformation was evident as they gradually stopped their old habits, choosing prayer over smoking and drinking.

Connecting with a Church Community

Through a work colleague, Justmic and his wife were invited to a church picnic, where they met Pastor Silva, who spoke about faith in a straightforward, honest manner.

This encounter gave them the encouragement they needed to continue their journey. They began attending church regularly, eventually serving as greeters and participating in other church activities.

Using Music to Share His Testimony

With his newfound faith, Justmic used his talent in music to express his journey of transformation and redemption.

His songs reflect themes of spiritual awakening, God’s grace, and overcoming personal struggles.

Even when faced with challenges and temptations, he remained committed to his faith, leaning on prayer and community support.

Quotes Reflecting His Transformation

Justmic’s journey is full of memorable quotes that highlight his transformation:

  • “We didn’t feel that God was calling us like how he calls us now.”
  • “We knocked, and he opened the door. Or vice versa, he was knocking, and our door was open.”
  • “God was all around us, and he was in us.”
  • “Every time we prayed, we started seeing our prayers being answered more and more.”

The Power of Redemption in Times of Crisis

Justmic’s journey during the pandemic is a powerful testament to the impact of faith and community. Despite facing challenges and temptations, his commitment to his newfound faith grew stronger. His story is a reminder that even in the darkest times, there is always hope.

It also underscores the importance of a supportive community and how the power of prayer can lead to profound transformation.

A Message of Hope and Redemption

Justmic’s journey from isolation and substance use to faith and community shows the profound impact of God’s presence.

By embracing faith and finding strength in a church community, he and his wife emerged from the pandemic with a renewed sense of purpose. His inspiring testimony encourages others to seek comfort in times of crisis and reminds us that redemption is always within reach.

Closing Thoughts

Justmic’s story is a beacon of hope for anyone struggling with personal challenges, especially during uncertain times like the pandemic. It shows how faith, music, and a supportive community can lead to redemption and transformation.

If you’re facing similar struggles, remember that you’re not alone—sometimes, all it takes is a spark of curiosity to ignite a journey toward faith and redemption.

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More About Jusmic

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, with roots in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Justmic has become a notable force in the Christian hip-hop scene. Known for his deep involvement in the Kairos prison ministry and his energetic musical style, Justmic continues to inspire and empower his listeners through a blend of dynamic beats and spiritually uplifting messages.

Musical Journey and Recent Work

Justmic’s path to music and faith is a story of transformation and divine calling. Though he did not grow up in a church environment, his encounter with God a few years ago redefined his life’s trajectory. Embracing his faith through the guidance of prayer, Justmic reconnected with his love for music, this time channeling his talents to serve a higher purpose.

Recent Releases

“Flexin” featuring Xay Hill This latest single “Flexin,” featuring Xay Hill, serves as a bold anthem of faith and strength. Designed to motivate and energize, the track combines heart-pounding beats with lyrics that reinforce the power of Christian values.

Justmic describes the song as perfect for starting the weekend or as a midday boost to reaffirm one’s faith and vigor.

“Big Steppin'” In “Big Steppin’,” Justmic issues a gritty hype call for believers to stand firm and bold in their faith.

With a message aimed at both seasoned and new believers, the song encourages all to showcase their faith fearlessly.

Justmic hopes the track provides the energy and boldness that reflect the completeness found in Christ.

“SONRISE”SONRISE” is a deeply personal track born from Justmic’s reflective prayer sessions and his search for answers within God’s word. The song celebrates the redemptive power of Christ’s resurrection, urging listeners to find their identity in Him rather than in worldly struggles or curses.

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