FLF Drops “Dipped in Blood” as 1st Single From Upcoming Album “But Fear God”

FLF Drops “Dipped in Blood” as 1st Single From Upcoming Album But Fear God

FLF Drops “Dipped in Blood” as 1st Single From Upcoming Album "But Fear God"

FLF (Flood Light Forever) has been pretty quiet the last couple of years. Formerly known as Davis Absolute, the 2015 Rapzilla Freshmen changed his name in early 2020. Since then he released one single “Wizard of Oz” in 2021 and a handful of singles in 2020 as well as the album FLF. 

Well now, 2022 is here and FLF is ready to give us his first offering of the year with “Dipped in Blood.” The song features his signature lo-fi production vibes but with energized verses. The track focuses on the gift that God has given through His Son Jesus Christ.

“I really wrote this song with the intent of expounding on the gracefulness, and boldness of Christ while in the same light highlighting my shortcomings and weakness. In our weakness, we are made strong in Him,” FLF said.

The “Dipped in Blood” drops on February 11th and is on his upcoming album “But Fear God.” More details of this to come soon.

When you Google “What does washed in the blood of the Lamb mean?” here’s what you get:

“‘Washed in the blood’ is a phrase or euphemism used to describe the act of one accepting the free gift of salvation. It is written in the Bible as ‘washed in the blood of the Lamb’ as His blood was spilled upon His death to cleanse the sins of humanity.”

Audio - FLF "Dipped In Blood":


Formerly known as Davis Absolute, FLF has been making deeply introspective, theological, and bar heavy music for nearly a decade. He released three mixtapes with his BlendTape series, the acclaimed Absolutes, a project called Eden, and a playlist called Flood Light Forever with the first two mentioned projects being somewhat absorbed and repurposed for his FLF album in 2020. 

He’s also worked with a who’s who in Christian Hip-Hop and most notably showcased that with three versions of his song “The Body.” Some of the names include nobigdyl., Mogli the Iceburg, Jarry Manna, Dru Bex, Lawren, and Phil J.

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