GB & Scribe Welcome Competition With “No Contest”

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GB & Scribe Welcome Competition With "No Contest"

GB & Scribe Welcome Competition With “No Contest”.

Is competition a bad thing? Within the CHH sphere, the idea of competition is often shot down because of its potential to invite pride and division into the space. But, what if it could be wielded in a way that promotes self-development and camaraderie?

Maybe — just maybe — it’s about the heart behind it.

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GB has been a model of consistency as an emcee.

DMV-born-and-raised, GB is a highly-skilled lyricist and creative artist delivering relevant, relatable, and engaging content.

His artistry blends culture, heritage and faith with real-life experiences, inviting audiences into his life and journey.

GB’s music has been featured on blog sites such as Rapzilla and Trackstarz, as well as on the “New Music Friday Christian” editorial playlist on Spotify, as well as on the Apple+ TV series, Swagger.



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