Gerry Skrillz & J. Crum "Not Mine"

Gerry Skrillz & J. Crum Drops “Not Mine” [Music Video]

J. Crum and Gerry Skrillz teamed up to drop something special this Fall. Los Angeles, CA based producer Marvs is credited with the production on the track.

The contrast in styles from the two emcees creates an incredible sound that is complimented by harmonies on the chorus and impressive production.

Crum has been on the path of a true rising star and is not showing any signs that he is slowing down any time soon. While Skrillz continues to carve his own lane after the release of his latest project Sainthxxd.

The combination of the emerging artists proved to be a success with this brand new release.

Music Video - Gerry Skrillz & J. Crum "Not Mine":

Directed by: The Reinforcements/2sixdoes & Marvs Productions

Shot by: 2sixdoes

“Not Mine Is Available On Apple Music & Spotify:


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