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Get To Know CJ The Psalmist: A Musical Testimony | tbk247 Podcast

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By tBK247.com

March 19, 2024
Get To Know Cj The Psalmist: A Musical Testimony @cjthepsalmist

theBookkeeper247 Podcast Episode 34, part 4 with Guest CJ The Psalmist #christianrap #tbk247

Show Notes

Welcome to episode 34, part 4 of theBookkeeper247 Podcast, where we have a special guest, CJ The Psalmist.

In an inspiring podcast episode, we delve into the life and musical journey of CJ the Psalmist. This artist shares his experiences, from moments of doubt to the divine inspiration behind his music. The podcast explores the significance of faith, perseverance, and the creative process in shaping his career.

The Journey of Faith and Music

CJ discusses his initial reluctance to continue his musical path and how a moment of divine intervention changed his course, leading to the creation of “Florida Freestyle”. This track, born from a low point, signifies the power of persistence and divine guidance in his life.

Embracing God’s Process

A key theme in CJ’s narrative is the importance of trusting in God’s timing and process. He highlights how societal resistance to God’s process stems from a discomfort with the challenges it presents. Yet, it’s through these challenges that true spiritual and personal growth occurs.

The Power of Open Communication with God

CJ values his honest and emotional dialogues with God. He doesn’t shy away from expressing his frustrations and desires, showcasing a relationship built on trust and understanding of a greater plan.

Collaboration and Community

The role of collaboration in CJ’s work is paramount. He mentions working with other artists and the unwavering support from his family, particularly his wife and parents, who play a crucial role in his musical journey.

The Creative Process

CJ’s approach to music is deeply spiritual. He describes how his process, from selecting beats to writing lyrics, is guided by divine intervention, emphasizing his talent as a gift from God.

A Message of Resilience

Through his music, CJ aims to inspire others to persevere and trust in God’s plan. He shares his personal peace in his spiritual journey, despite the loneliness and challenges that come with it.

Spiritual Awakening: A Reflection of Growth

Looking forward, CJ discusses his upcoming album “Spiritual Awakening”, which promises to be a testament to his spiritual and personal evolution. The album is envisioned as a catalyst for revival, awakening, and salvation.

Inclusivity and Love

CJ expresses a desire for his music to reach and impact diverse communities, including the LGBT community, with a message of love, acceptance, and salvation.

The Lasting Impact of Spiritual Awakening

Ultimately, CJ’s goal for his music is to lead people towards salvation. He hopes that his album will not only introduce listeners to the church but also spark a significant change in their lives.


CJ the Psalmist’s musical testimony is a powerful narrative of faith, struggle, and redemption. His journey underscores the importance of perseverance, open communication with God, and the impact of music as a tool for spiritual awakening and societal change.

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Great Quotes From the Show:

  • “You’re gonna fall down seven times but get back up. Faith of a mustard seed is all it takes.”
  • “Trust in God’s timing, trust the process. People want to have God but they don’t want the process.”
  • “God knows the bigger picture, where I can only see my emotions. He hears my emotions, he cares, but does not allow my emotions to stop what he knows has to be done.”
  • “I’m making peace with my walk with God being a little bit lonely. I don’t have friends; my only friend is my wife.”
  • “The greatest thing that we could ever do is live in the audience of one. God is always watching, he’s always there.”

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