Hilltop Society – Hilltop Anthem

Hilltop Society Drops Debut Song "Hilltop Anthem"

HILLTOP SOCIETY drops “HILLTOP ANTHEM” (feat. Jekasole, Tank McCoy, Aluis, A-Dub White, Prof. Biz, ilish, Jay Sanon, JUSTCALLMEDT & K. Cartel)

“Hilltop Anthem” is the debut single from one of the newest and most promising collectives in CHH known as, “The Hilltop Society”.

The Hilltop Anthem release  serves as the introduction track of the Hilltop Society. The song is structured as a cypher which allows each artist to showcase their individual skills, style, and passion. 

Audio Preview - Hilltop Society "Hilltop Anthem":

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Hilltop Society – Hilltop Anthem