“I.D.P. ( I Don’t Play)” – International Show feat. Louionten

"I.D.P. ( I Don't Play)" - International Show feat. Louionten

International Show Drops "I.D.P. ( I Don't Play)" - feat. Louionten

Story behind the “I.D.P. ( I Don’t Play)”

International Show says, “this song was created to fuel you, and motivate you through daily life. Reminding you that the sacrifices that you make are worth it in the end, don’t lose sight of your end goal.”

Audio Preview - International Show "I.D.P. (I Don't Play" feat. Louionten:

International Show Bio:
Boston, MA artist-producer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist and music director International Show aims to share his life journey through the message of Christ and expand your musical palate.
He masterfully blends his futuristic/emotive vocals with the expertise of his signature production style to create a unique music experience.
His distinctive sound engineering skills are highlighted in his compositions and arrangements that he creates for his clients and his own artist catalogue.
He has released music that merges Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock, EDM, and Latin styles with his catchy and relatable lyrics. Show’s work is edgy, lyrical, poignant, and musically excellent.
International Show is now one of the most sought-after producer-engineers in the industry. His ability to create music for multiple genres earned him a place in the “elite” producer’s category.
Show has worked with various artists throughout the US and abroad.




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“I.D.P. ( I Don’t Play)” – International Show feat. Louionten