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Jackie Hill Perry’s “First Draft” – A Journey of Trauma, Faith, and Authenticity

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"First Draft"

Jackie Hill Perry's "First Draft": Addressing Trauma, Critiquing Superficiality, and Embracing Faith!

Jackie Hill Perry, a prominent figure in the Christian hip-hop scene, has recently signed with Reach Records, marking a significant milestone in her career. To celebrate this new chapter, she has released a powerful new single, “First Draft.” Available on all platforms, the song delves into deep personal and spiritual themes, offering listeners a raw and honest reflection of her journey.

Addressing Trauma and Personal Struggles

In the first verse, Perry opens up about her personal traumas and struggles, painting a vivid picture of her past experiences.

She touches on the emotional pain caused by her father’s substance abuse and the resulting feelings of neglect. This personal history has shaped her current outlook, resulting in a rejection of affection.

The lyrics are a testament to her mission and determination to achieve her goals despite the obstacles she faces.

Perry’s narrative is not just a retelling of her past, but an exploration of how these experiences have shaped her identity and drive.

By sharing her story, she connects with listeners who may have faced similar challenges, offering them a sense of solidarity and hope.

Criticism of Superficiality vs. Authenticity

Perry doesn’t shy away from criticizing those who peddle inauthentic messages to new Christians. She draws a stark contrast between genuine faith and the superficiality that can often plague religious communities.

Referring to Isaiah 53 and relying on the support of her faith community, she emphasizes the importance of authenticity and truth in her spiritual journey.

This verse is a clarion call for sincerity and depth in the practice of faith.

Her critique extends to the broader cultural landscape, where superficiality can often overshadow genuine spirituality.

By calling out these issues, Perry encourages listeners to seek deeper, more meaningful connections with their faith and with one another.

Faith and Spiritual Warfare

Perry’s deep connection to God is a recurring theme in her music, and “First Draft” is no exception.

She speaks of a deep spiritual intimacy where God knows her better than she knows herself. This lyric explores the concept of spiritual warfare, invoking images of summoning the Grim Reaper to keep the community of faith vigilant.

With references to “the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe,” she challenges the Pharisees’ fear of heresy and emphasizes the need for courage and steadfastness in the face of spiritual challenges.

By addressing spiritual warfare, Perry acknowledges the ongoing struggles many believers face. Her lyrics serve as both a warning and a source of encouragement, urging the faith community to remain vigilant and dependent on Jesus.

Reflections on Criticism and Growth

In the outro, Perry reflects on the criticism she has faced throughout her career. From jealousy to accusations of heresy, she has encountered various challenges, especially in the age of social media, where judgments are often rushed.

Despite these obstacles, she acknowledges her mistakes and highlights her ongoing journey of growth and self-improvement.

Perry’s candid reflection on criticism underscores the importance of resilience and self-awareness. By openly discussing her own growth, she invites listeners to embrace their own journeys, imperfections and all.

Bottom Line

Jackie Hill Perry’s “First Draft” is a compelling and introspective track that navigates the complexities of personal trauma, critiques superficial faith messages, and maintains an unwavering commitment to authenticity and spiritual growth.

Through a blend of biblical references and modern-day challenges, Perry offers a raw and honest reflection on her experiences and beliefs.

This single not only marks her debut on Reach Records, but also solidifies her position as a fearless voice in the world of Christian hip-hop.

“More than just a song, First Draft is a powerful statement of faith, resilience and authenticity.

As Perry continues to grow and evolve as an artist, her music serves as a source of inspiration and encouragement for listeners on their own spiritual journeys.



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