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Jackie Hill Perry Returns to Music with Reach Records: A New Chapter Begins

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Jackie Hill Perry returns to music with Reach Records: A New Chapter Begins.

Jackie Hill Perry: Author, Teacher, Poet, Emcee

Jackie Hill Perry, a captivating voice in Christian culture, shares her profound journey through poignant lyricism and unwavering authenticity.

Growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, she navigated a tumultuous path of self-discovery, ultimately finding her voice through poetry and hip-hop, mediums that allowed her to dig deep into faith, struggle, and victory.

As a speaker, author, and musical talent, Jackie’s artistry goes beyond entertainment. Her words carry purpose and intertwine the complexities of life, faith, and culture.

Drawing from personal experiences of redemption, she brings a message of hope and healing to a world in need. With a unique blend of vulnerability and strength, Jackie’s music resonates deeply with diverse audiences.

As a newly signed artist to Reach Records, she begins another momentous chapter in her career. Continuing to challenge norms and inspire hearts, Jackie invites listeners to wrestle with doubt, embrace grace, and discover the transforming love of the one and only Savior, Jesus.

Jackie Hill Perry Announces Return to Music

In an exciting turn of events, Jackie Hill Perry, the acclaimed author, speaker and poet, has announced her return to the music scene after signing a new deal with the renowned Christian hip-hop label, Reach Records.

The announcement was made during her sold-out “With the Perrys” podcast tour in New York City with the help of Grammy Award-winning rapper and Reach Records founder Lecrae.

A New Chapter with “First Draft”

Jackie’s comeback is marked by the release of her debut single on Reach Records titled “First Draft”.

Available now on all digital platforms, the track is a testament to her evolving artistry and unique blend of vulnerability, transparency and strength.

The single was written by Jackie and produced by Juberlee and Alexandria Dollar. It serves as a preview of her new musical direction, showcasing her refined lyrical skills and exploration of a more indigenous sound.

Growing As An Artist and As An Individual

Reflecting on her return to music, Jackie told RELEVANT:

“It feels like a cool opportunity to get back into something I really enjoy, but from a different place. I’m a different person than I was the last time I made music. Now, as a 34-year-old woman with four children, married for 10 years, with more theology, more life experience and more suffering, I think the music will benefit from the stage of life I’m in.”

Jackie’s previous musical endeavors include her debut album, The Art of Joy, released in 2014 on Humblebeast, and her sophomore album, Crescendo, released in 2018.

After taking a break from music to focus on writing books and speaking, she expressed her eagerness to return to the music scene, saying, “I’ve always enjoyed music; I missed it. It was probably last year that I started lamenting that I couldn’t make music. It was never a financial thing for me. It was just that I like music and I like making music. But it was just a thing that I let go of.

Exploring New Sounds

Fans can expect a fresh sound from Jackie as she explores new musical territory. “My intention will be to create a sound that is more native to me,” she explained.

“My previous albums have been more hip-hop oriented and lyrical. I’m still going to be lyrical, but I think there’s a vibe and a southern country feel to my sound that I hadn’t explored before.”

She continued, “That’s kind of what I’m going for: how do I make music that sounds good, feels good and produces good work? That will be the goal.

A Major Partnership

The partnership with Reach Records marks a new chapter in Jackie’s illustrious career. She emphasized the significance of this collaboration, stating, “I think being able to partner with Reach [Records] and collaborate and create new music means that there is a level of excellence, creativity and beauty that will come out of this partnership.


Jackie Hill Perry’s return to music is a momentous occasion that promises to enrich the Christian hip-hop landscape with her distinctive voice and powerful message. Her unparalleled ability to blend artistry with authenticity invites listeners on a journey of faith, hope, and profound transformation.

As she embarks on this new chapter, Jackie continues to challenge norms and inspire hearts, inviting us all to wrestle with doubt, embrace grace, and discover the transforming love of Jesus.

For more information on Jackie Hill Perry and her new musical venture, please visit Jackie Hill Perry’s website and Reach Records.



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